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Tell of your own personal experiences...a tale of a moment when the DREAM became a reality for you. NO negative malarky....or I'll kick you in the Tail.

Sir Corwin
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    Thu, July 21, 2005 - 8:59 PM
    In stead of a verbal description I will just post a few links to when I captured what I perceived to be "The Dream."

    Along a foggy lane one night at Pennsic 33:

    As I strolled along the lake one day:

    As I watched the spectacle that is the Opening Ceremonies:

    As the sun set over the castle at Pennsic right after a storm:

    When a little princess realizes her daddy really IS a king:

    The sound of metal on metal mingling with heavy breathing as duelists vi for the win:

    The clash of metal and the sounds of impacts as knights battle for dominance of the field:

    To me, those are the moments I find the “dream.”
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      Thu, July 21, 2005 - 9:40 PM
      The very first one I can remember is During Duke Inmans first reign. My 2 sisters and I were sitting in his thrown eating his food, and he was fighting and making sure to keep an eye on the 3 little girls stealing his food. I was about 5 at the time. The reason that I tell this story is that on the next Monday I got to go to school and tell all the other kids that I stole the kings food. That is cool, something that not all little girls get to do.
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        Re: THE DREAM

        Fri, July 22, 2005 - 2:41 AM
        The dream for me happens every time I go to fighter practice and every time I attend an event. I love my SCA friends and many of them have become so much more than just SCA friends. They are my family. I talk to them on a regular basis outside of the SCA. These are people that I would gladly lay down my life for real.
        I was so happy when I was discovered by a knight that wouldn't only put up with me, but he told me he wanted me to wear a baldric because he knew that I would be loyal without saying it.
        I love the warrior spirit that rushes over me when I hit the field. I love the smell of the campfires and the sound of far off drums at night.
        And I love that I can forget the world at least for a little while when it is needed most all because of the SCA.
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      Re: THE DREAM

      Wed, July 27, 2005 - 12:03 PM
      Beautiful shots, I must say. :)

      Question, do you carry your photography gear while you wander around faire? (assuming you do, based on the shots here) If so, how do you do it discreetly? I had a bit of trouble last year, but I could camoflauge the bag I was using well enough so it didn't look like I had a camera on me unless I was actively using it.
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    Fri, July 22, 2005 - 7:08 AM
    For me the Dream happens every day. I decided about six years ago to stop being the hard-drinking insensitive womanizing asshole I used to be, and concentrate on living virtuously, following the Knightly Virtues as my guide. About a year later I received the accolade of Knighthood. I mentally put on my belt and chain every morning, and try to live each day a little more as I think a knight should than the day before.

    Putting this into practice I end up doing things the Boy Scouts are famous for. I help women carry their groceries to their car. I hold doors for people. I call everyone Sir or Ma'am. I know this sounds like very small potatoes, but the Dream part for me is seeing my work spread, seeing other people helping those less able than themselves carry their groceries. These are tiny things, but I can clearly see the change my actions have made, and so I am changing the world for the better in whatever way I can.

    Like I said, small potatoes, but I have a bright ideal in sight, and I see my part of the world has taken a step towards it.
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      Fri, July 22, 2005 - 10:42 AM
      My first glimpse of the Dream, was at my very first event hosted by our canton. The Great Northern Sheep Hunt. Her Magesty Brayden came. His Highness Sir Conn MacNeil came. The pole barn we used as an in was dark except for lantern light in the waning moonlight. It was after feast.

      Some of the more experienced members of the SCA were all gathered together talking. Then, someone started singing..... I learned the song right then and there.... (I'm strange that way if a song takes me and I am able to actually hear all the words at the time.) It was Conn. He sang Duke of the North March. A song he wrote that people mostly don't sing I think because it's long. Then, Andrixos started singing as only he can. He was not a Pelican yet. Then Angus of Blackmore began to sing... He was not a Knight nor a Laurel yet. Then the entire hall sang Hotspur, and No Nobis, and many many others. I sat there and cried as the world I live in melted away for the world I had joined to take over. (I'm crying now, remembering.) It was then, that I knew I'd found somewhere to belong and be accepted. That memory lives with me always.

      There are others.... My first Lilies War where I watched Tomeki take out 15 fighters on the field like a Jullien Fry making machine... his last time in Calontir..... Hearing Sir Steffen Albert Rheinbauer sing for the first time and thinking how wonderful his voice matched his countanance.....

      There are so many. Some are not as powerful as others, and didn't last as long... but they are there.
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        Fri, July 22, 2005 - 12:21 PM
        Several years ago on another list I'm on we talked about "magical moments" at SCA events. This is the moment that sticks out for me. There have been others and will be more. But this was this was the first, that made me wanna stick around. For me this is the dream.

        At my second or third event, after feast there was a hand fasting cermony at bardic circle. I love the whole warm feeling of gathering around a fire.
        The groom was delayed. And several people offered song and story to pass the time. Then when the happy couple arrived and the cermony began, my 5 year daughter (who had a day of running and general kid fun) crawled in my lap for a cuddle. She fall asleep in my lap, while the couple was being sung to. So there I sat with one of the greatest gifts of my life, my precious child, holding hands with the love of my life, my husband on the day of our 11th wedding anniversary, witnessing the love of a couple embarking on a wonderful journey. I really couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary and I could feel the magic of SCA.

        We've been married for 15 years now and said child is now 9.

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          Fri, July 22, 2005 - 12:50 PM
          That was wonderful! Thanks for sharing that!

          I too am easily inspired by song and have had many grand moments at a bardic or circle enjoying the different voices as all the hair on my body stands. Then I know I'm "in the zone" and truly enjoying the music.

          There isn't a single one defining moment for me (yet) that is "the dream" to me. My first court was when a very good friend got his AOA and Sycamore and since then I've been to witness many good friends get awards the most recent at War Practice. I was also fortunate enough to be asked to participate in the procession of a knighting at last years Pennsic. That was really cool! Pennsic without a doubt has worked it's magic on me and if I can avoid all the stresses of getting camp set up and the inevitable interpersonal issues that will crop up It should prove to be another awesome Pennsic!

    Fri, July 22, 2005 - 1:02 PM
    Much like Jamie I remember a an event when I was five, it was the first Crystal Ball in the Barony of Shattered Crystal (of course then it was a shire) in the Mid-realm. I had been to many events before that, but I suppose this one sticks out more. Lady Caroline, now Mistress Caroline, was entertaining all of us kids, as she always did. This was before anyone had thought of a children's minister or page school. She would tell us stories about knights and maidens and unicorns and bears. She would sing to us and teach us about the middle ages, particularly customs and how to act. That night she taught me how to curtsy and told me that she would introduce me to the queen. I remember being nervous and thinking how fancy the head table looked and how beautiful the queens dress was. I cherish Carol to this day for giving me the inspiration she did, and my other SCA goddess Alphia, for teaching me to dance. They helped create some of my fondest memories.

    Crystal Ball is still my favorite event, it beats even Pennsic. At Crystal Ball 20 last year I had as much fun as I did at the first one. No where else can you dance with 200 of your closest friends for a day and a night with only a break for feast.
    A childhood in the SCA is a magical thing. The friends I have made are friends for life.
    Remebering peoples names can be difficult in the SCA and I was talking to my dad about it. He said "It's kind of funny I would hand my wallet to a lot of people in the SCA and not worry at all, even though I can't remember half of their names."

    Fri, July 22, 2005 - 1:02 PM
    Great topic Corwin!
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      Fri, July 22, 2005 - 1:38 PM
      My favorite moment came during the first Baronial Championships that I attended in the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr (Northshield). It was in October, which in Wisconsin can be a bit chilly. After the fighting ended and feast was beginning, we were at a park that had a beautiful enclosed building with a giant stone fireplace inside. The tables were set for feast, the room was lit only by the blazing fire, people were recounting the fights of the day, and someone was playing Saltarello on a wooden flute. Modern things were tucked away, modern conversation too. Someone brought out some homemade wine to share. Everything came together all at once to create this perfect moment.

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        Fri, July 22, 2005 - 1:49 PM
        Belle you are so right. The people that I have met are great, and many of them I have known for my entire life. I really value the ones that I once thought of as my parents friends, they watched me grow and adopted me as a friend as I became an adult. When they were able to stop keeping an eye on me and my many sisters. I can't think of what life would be like if my dad hadn't looked so hard for a dream that he had to play this wonderful game. Corwin, great discussion, it has made me remember things that I haven't thought of in years. I even had to call Inman last night to talk to him about he and my dad's galavants....he reminicsed for a good while. And it is so great to be able hear about how my dad lived his dream to , when he got to go and do without all of us too.
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          Fri, July 22, 2005 - 1:55 PM
          One more....Yamina's first event....It was a dream, a real nightmare really, and she kept coming. We all left as early as we could, but that wasn't the last event she went to. I just thought it was a funny memory, I should remind her of too....boiled eggs.

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            Fri, July 22, 2005 - 2:12 PM
            oh goodness that was THE coldest i've ever been in my life...and we were soaked from the persistent rain. jamie and i had to peel boiled eggs w/ frozen hands and numb feet. well, we didn't use our feet but.... anyhoo we begged our brave, soaked, CRAZY fighting men to leave afterwards and after the ok we packed up everything w/ amazing speed for the 5 hr drive and had it all done when they were done!

            yes i did give the sca another try and i have fallen in love. it took me awhile to acclimate as i entered the sca as a busy knight's girlfriend and had to figure some things out on my own. i did find ME dance and that is what my dream has become. i will never forget the first time i let loose at a party and danced til i was dizzy. i think the drinks helped w/ the dizziness a bit... it was a surreal that i have never experienced at ANY sort of mundane party. when the the drums are grooving and people are dancing and smiling and sharing their brews and stories...there is nothing better. it feels like you are w/ a family.
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              Re: THE DREAM

              Fri, July 22, 2005 - 3:49 PM
              Hey Sliceable K. I'm in Milwaukee too. Just started playing SCA up here recently though. I'm a transplant from Tennessee.
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                Fri, July 22, 2005 - 3:56 PM
                Welcome to Milwaukee! Lots of good SCA stuff going on around here - my home group's big event is in September in West Bend.

                See you around.
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                  Fri, July 22, 2005 - 9:32 PM
                  Well, I have to say that the most memorable moment in the SCA that constitutes A DREAM for me was when I, as a young squire, got to follow my knight up in court clacking coconuts together as I pranced like a pony. Mind you all, my knight was none other than Sir Corwin, who had no clue that we (my squire bro Kael was with me) would be following him as he was called up. Nor did he realize that we would be singing the Monty Python "Sir Robin" song, only it was "Brave, brave Sir Corwin, he threw up in his helmet." - BECAUSE that very day, on the battle field, HE HAD! He turned bright red, and the entire Court erupted in laughter...we ran off and dissapeared. Yes, it's moments like that that keep me going!

                  Well, that may not be the Dream that he had in mind when he posted this thread, but it's the one that comes to mind at the moment, so I thought I'd share it with the rest of you, so that you also may know Sir Corwin a bit better ;)

                  Syr Anton

                  Love ya Corwin...
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                    Re: THE DREAM

                    Sat, July 23, 2005 - 3:41 AM
                    I did NOT throw up.....I was DEMONSTRATING the PERIOD TECHNIQUE of etching metal with a PERIOD formulation of HALF DIGESTED HOMEBREW and GASTRIC JUICES! For this I am heckled....I should've been give a laurel on the SPOT!


    Sun, July 24, 2005 - 9:00 PM
    The dream became a reality to me when I saw the Opening Ceremonies at my first ever SCA event.. Pennsic XXII.
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      Re: THE DREAM

      Mon, July 25, 2005 - 1:55 AM
      The Dream for me has become real on so many different occasions.
      The one that stands out and gives me pause and still makes my heart race is quite simple.
      Late into the night several Pennsic's ago, I took 2 people to their first bog crawl. We came upon the far bank of the lake and watched the fog hang low in the trees up towards Runestone Hill. We could hear drumming and laughter and the sounds of the natives echoing across to us. The lights from the numerous fires glowed in the mist. Experiencing this for awhile made it all clear why I have continued for so many years in the SCA. It wasnt just the magical night but everything that it took to make that one moment happen.
      <Ok I will step down from my sentimental soapbox>
      = )
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        The Reality

        Mon, July 25, 2005 - 6:16 PM
        Oh, ick. You used the D word - capitalized it and everything.

        I only remember dreams when they're frightening. Please excuse me if I prefer to think of these as medieval reality checks:

        There was the night I was transported from the Arizona desert to some foggy, ancient hillside as Mistress Guernen Cimarguid of the Outlands stood limned in firelight and chanted a poem - in Welsh. I almost didn't notice when she switched to English.

        One Pennsic, two children I knew "kidnapped" me from the archery range and forced me at imaginary sword point to come to their camp. I must say that Jacob and Paul treat their prisoners very well: I was served The Best Chocolate Milk In The Whole World (TM) and challenged to a game of chess for the chess impaired whereby I might win my freedom.

        Beltane. Pre-dawn. Even the hardiest partiers have shut up and gone to bed for the night, but I have to make a privy run. I don't know how long I stood there enjoying the night sky and the silence after the shooting star, but I was freezing when I finally went back to bed.

        The afternoon I put two fighters to sleep by playing quietly on my psaltery.

        Answering that age old question: "My God, what is that sound?" Strolling Merchants' Row at Estrella with George le Curieux and the hurdy gurdy is like being a goodwill ambassador for unmitigated period noises. I've yet to see anyone not smile when they see us.

        Huddling over a book with Moshe with a candle in my hand as we sang for the sitting royalty of the West at a private dinner in camp, I thought, "It just doesn't get better than this." There's nothing like singing with someone who is as good as he is.

        I'd decided to attend La Prova Dura at the very last minute and the feast was sold out. While my campmates enjoyed their dinner, I made a run into town for a bite and a few supplies, then came back to our now dark "home." I lit all the lanterns, laid a fire, nursed the wood into a cheery blaze, then settled down with a book and a mug of cider, reading by its light. (An exercise that slows you down and makes you think about what you're reading. At least it did for me.) Having a little alone time at an event was really nice. I could hear the music coming from the feast and enjoy it as background ambiance. And my friends were really happy to come home to a warm, lit camp.

        Of course, pulling the lanyard on Robert of Two Cliffs' trebuchet was pretty cool too.

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    Wed, August 3, 2005 - 4:16 AM
    For me it was several things at one event, my first Lilies. Particularly memorable was the Outland's party that year. The drummers, dancers, brazers, and firelight, hundred's of people milling about down by the lake, kegs of homemade cider, all set an atmosphere I will never forget.

    Fri, August 5, 2005 - 10:35 PM
    Sir Corwin, did I ever tell you that when Iwas around 11 years old I would doodle in my shcool classes.One of the things I would draw was a shield with lightning as heraldry.For that matter,I seem to remember drawing eyes quite a bit too.
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      Sat, August 6, 2005 - 12:32 AM
      Those of you who have read my profile know just how much of the dream I intend to make real.

      It was conceived at a very early pennsic, with four friends sitting under a tree asking why not. Why not a year round place with plenty of room and permanent camping areas for each household. Why not a set of systems and infrastructure geared toward making the experience as realistic yet safe and comfortable as possible. Why not a place that would make it easier to preserve the land that is the framework for all we care about and depend on?

      Then came the questions of how and what it would take.

      The biggest problem of all, finding people who believed enough to try and try whole heartedly, not just half efforts or to try to feed their own ego or greed, but to serve and reach for the real prize.

      After many years and a lot of research, those questions will go from dreams and thoughts to being a reality. Soon, very soon.

      The components are in place and the gears are meshing together.

      Then I will have the greatest reward, making those dreams real for thousands of people and introducing it to many thousands more.
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        Sat, August 6, 2005 - 10:27 AM
        that's kind of like a trailer for an end of season episode. You've not said a thing as to what's actually going on or what you're actually doing... But you set it up well.

        Good luck. I hope it works out.

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          Sat, August 6, 2005 - 10:29 AM
          And for those of you fighting at Pennsic, I know I'm not supposed to sell anything without "merchant space" there... but I have special figher soap that smells like cinnamon and oranges with little scrubbbie bits in it to get out the grime. If anyone is interested, look me up at the Mountain Confederation Encampment.

          I don't have a lot but I"ll bring what I have. That and the oat meal soap.

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          Sat, August 6, 2005 - 10:55 PM
          Thanks LH, I suppose that is true, but I figured people would just click on my picture and look at my profile. I cannot possibly retype it all here or include the links and pictures.

          We are working to build a full scale medieval city and castle, in fact we were the first to propose that it can be done in a safe and sustainable fashion.

          It has something for everyone who loves the things that draw people to the sca and other reenactment groups as well as things like LARP, NERO, etc.

          There will be a lot more pictures on the website soon as well and the renewable energy systems go into prototype construction later this year.
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            Mon, August 8, 2005 - 8:10 AM
            very cool. good luck. (just went to the site.)

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              Mon, August 8, 2005 - 10:42 AM

              We are expecting to sign a major contract in september that will secure a large portion of the funding while constructing key aspects of the facility.

              Vague I know but that is all I can say right now.
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    Thu, August 11, 2005 - 12:58 PM
    The moment in my knighting ceremony when King Malik of Ealdormere shared the sword with King Brannos of the Middle and Count Sir Sarnac my knight for the dubbing.
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      Thu, August 11, 2005 - 7:44 PM
      OK, I have to share a real moment with you all. The event of my knighting...the whole thing. I held vigil within the walls of a great castle: Stood in the towers and looked out House Rhoadd guarding the walls, and talked with various and sundry good folk who came to talk to me and did not sleed.

      Watched ballets du cheval in the morning before fighting:

      Fought in a long days tourney, from a barrier tourney, to a snowball melee.

      And ended up being "Co-Champion" with Earl Daffyd Whitaker

      I had not slept in 2 days by the time of my knighting ceremony in the Curtain theatre in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad

      By nighttime I was in a completely sleep deprived ecstatic state of deliriun that I actually levetated around the site all night in revelry.

      The only time that really comes close to that is playing inside thunderdome...but that wasn't really SCA...
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        Wed, June 14, 2006 - 1:35 PM
        I have a number of those surreal moments of being lost in time at SCA events. Firelit encampments, with music, drums and happy voices floating on the wind. My most proud moment in the SCA was watching my son, Sir Corwin, being knighted. I am also proud of his squires and friends with whom he has chosen to share his role of knighthood. Anton, your knighting was magnificent. They are all good, decent , honest men. We've been playing for almost 24 years - Corwin was literally raised in the SCA. I value the honor, chivalry, pagaentry and courtesy of the SCA.

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          Re: THE DREAM

          Wed, June 14, 2006 - 3:08 PM
          My first ever event! My husband suddenly got a call out of the blue that "his" Knight was being crowned King of the West for the second time and we were going, in 2 days, to Beltane. I'd never even heard of the SCA! My husband, boyfriend at the time, had been inactive for about 10 years and suddenly was pulling out all this garb that I had never seen before! Where had he kept it? :-) Turns out our good friend was also (now) Duke Thorfinn's old squire and who had also been inactive for about the same amount of time was going with us and was bringing a pavillion! It was like I'd never met these people before!

          The whole day was magical, but especially watching at Court when Duke Alden knighted someone (can't remember who) before stepping down and Duke Thorfinn stepped up, with my husband with him. I cried I'd never seen something so moving and beautiful. I was scared silly that I would mess something up, say the wrong thing to someone, etc. but everyone made me feel right at home. It was an awesome experience to jump into the very heart of the SCA, I think that went a long way in getting me hooked.

          That night everyone kept saying it was a pretty mellow Beltane, but for me, who'd never experienced what an SCA party was like.... WOW! Drinking homemade meade, cyser, some strawberry licquer with the strawberries still in it which I learned soon enough was called "kissing licquer" for a reason, well you can tell I was a bit tipsy to say the least! Hanging out with the outgoing and current royalty didn't hurt the experience either, I have to admit I was quite pleased with myself for getting mistakenly bowed to in the dark at my first event! ;-) We stayed up all night until the sky was getting light and it was only my husband, me, and two other friends, sitting around smoking home curred tobacco and softly singing songs.

          I woke up knowing I'd be coming back again and again, much to the delight of my husband and all the wonderful people I'd met. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do for myself in the SCA, becasue after a year of events, just being someone's consort is BORING! :-) Luckily I now know a ton of very knowledgable and friendly people willing to help me figure it out.
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            Thu, June 15, 2006 - 5:39 PM
            The first time I put on a helm, it was like I was another person, some of my close friends say it was the combination of glue and foam rubber.....anyways I am a member of House Clovenshield, a Mercenary House, we are scattered around the world from Iraq to Texas, most of us are in the midwest....these people are my family, my tribe....we gather a couple of times a year, its like we never seperated, we just pick up where we left off....what a wonderful escape.....
            Kevin the Kind
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              Re: THE DREAM

              Thu, June 15, 2006 - 11:55 PM
              shaving my head to shun vainity while setting on vigil at 4am.... while setting there thinking about the job Im about to recieve and realizing its not my hair I need to be humble about but that belt,chain, and spurs Ill be wearing in the morning....

              that was the moment everything sunk in that had been said to me and the magnatude of the responsibility laid upon me.

              apparantly the "Dream" is still working since I still lay awake at 4 am on occasion thinking about the same stuff I was pondering that eve........

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